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Hi, I am Ayinla Daniel…

Cardiothoracic Critical Care Nurse, Writer, Blogger & Digital Health Enthusiast, and you are welcome to Care City. This is our official blog, it’s a simple one, and I am the Editor here.

I lead a wonderful team made up of highly motivated Registered Nurses & Digital Health Enthusiasts. Our major goal is to inspire Nurses & Healthcare Professionals in Africa & beyond our shores to do more in the interesting & challenging area of Healthcare Innovation.

We do this simply by communicating our ideas, views, passion, goals & perspectives through Writing, Online Classes, Outreaches & Collaborations.

In this Blog, I write about Nursing [lifestyle, leadership & Learning], Digital Health & Healthcare In General [critical care nursing, cardiac health, preventive medicine etc], with a deliberate focus on Innovation.

I also feature other writers/bloggers, who write in my niche. If you want me to write for your blog or site, you can send me a message on Twitter or a direct mail here, I would love to work with you.

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Check out the latest episode of INSPIRE, our monthly interview.

INSPIRE With Abiodun Oluwatobi

We started INSPIRE, on Care City because we desperately wanted to inspire Registered Nurses in Africa to do more, by interviewing Nurses who are doing extraordinary things with their intellects.

We have had four interviews, you can check them out here.


We have had four

To enjoy the latest interview, check this page out.

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”

John Steinbeck
Author (1902-68)

Latest Articles

Nursing Mentorship: Mentor Material

“a dyadic, long-term and reciprocal process
between senior experienced nurse and a junior nurse and or
a nursing student, facilitating knowledge and skill acquisition
while providing psychosocial and emotional support with the
aims of fostering both personal and professional development
for effective role change into the nursing profession” – Shaikh Abdul Matin, Deparment of Internal Medicine, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

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Care Code Digital Health Hub

Carecode is Care City’s Digital Health Hub, dedicated to exposing Healthcare Professionals [especially in Africa] to the realities of Digital Health. Do you want to be a part of what we are doing in Carecode, either as a team member or partner?

Care City Leadership

Care City’s Leadership page is dedicated to providing registered nurses with leadership materials, ranging from originally written articles and essays, featured content and much more, designed to motivate Registered Nurses to do more in the area of leadership & Innovation.

Care City Learning

Care City Learning is dedicated to creating learning materials for Registered Nurses & Healthcare Professionals. With a deliberate focus on innovation centred articles/essays, Research, Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Pharmacology and more.

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Carecode Digital Health Hub Courses

“Digital Health courses designed for Registered Nurses & Healthcare Professionals in Africa.”

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Updated regularly. Important news updates from the world of nursing/medicine, digital health/health technology, health business and more.