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We are excited to bring to you the month of February’s edition of CARE, our official newsletter.

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January’s edition of CARE, our monthly newsletter is out. It features INSPIRE, our monthly interview session and this time around we interviewed a budding icon in the nursing profession from Nigeria, an article from Carecode Digital Health Hub and much more.

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Most Recent Articles

Five Personal Survival Tips For Newly Qualified Critical Care Nurses In Nigeria – My Humble Five | Six Minutes Read

“In Critical Care, Kidneys have stopped working, hearts are failing, lungs have collapsed, brains are shutting down, intestines have stopped moving, livers are tired, phew, it is a cocktail of organ/physiological failures here and there. You may be too busy trying to repair the lungs, and your attention has been taken away from the kidneys that have shut down for two hours, and then you have to return to trying to salvage the kidneys, and then the brain starts to sleep – Critical, I must tell you!”

Nursing After The Year Of The Pandemic | Part i

“In the wake of the pandemic, while we count losses, and nurture our wounds, we as a race, were able to still make progress in historical leaps & bounds. The gospel of Digital Health gained a wider audience & followership, as people, governments & organizations, began to realize the important need for us to have a healthcare system that had remote care woven into its fabrics.”

The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation Of Nigeria Holds Her Annual CHD Awareness Week

The annual Congenital Heart Diseases Awareness week, organized by The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation of Nigeria, is a week-long health advocacy program designed to achieve one vital goal in the aspect of cardiovascular health in Nigeria, and that is simply to amplify the importance of “Heart Screening For Children,” with a specific focus on children … Continue reading The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation Of Nigeria Holds Her Annual CHD Awareness Week

Robotic Technologies & COVID-19

“It may take some time, with a lot of hard work (smart work) & research, before we get to the techno-industrial era, where humans can begin to completely trust intelligent automation (or place a reasonable degree of trust) to take over most of the delicate & highly intelligent human roles.”


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He’s a phenomenon. Registered Nurse, Author & Founder. Care City meets Omolere. T. We want you to also meet him…

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Care Code

Care Code is Care City’s Digital Health Literacy Academy, dedicated to exposing Healthcare Professionals [especially in Africa] to the realities of Digital Health. Do you want to be a part of what we are doing in Care Code, either as a team member or partner?

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Care City’s Leadership page is dedicated to providing registered nurses with leadership materials, ranging from originally written articles and essays, featured content and much more, designed to motivate registered nurses to do more.

Care City Learning

Care City Learning is dedicated to creating learning materials for registered nurses & healthcare professionals. With a deliberate focus on innovation centred articles/essays, research, critical care nursing, nursing pharmacology and more.


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