Project Care – Get Inspired to begin your journey to innovation.

Project Care.
Get Inspired to begin your journey to innovation.


Are you a Registered Nurse in Nigeria who is passionate about health care innovation? Do you have a healthcare-related project you want to organise? Or an innovative idea you want to nurture?

We here at Care City can work with you as a team, come let us think together in the confines of a community of healthcare professionals and other professionals who are enthusiastic about innovation.

We do not promise financial assistant of any kind, but what we promise is our commitment, fellowship, time and care.

I have discovered that many young fellows have the desire to innovate, but do not have enough inspiration and motivation to kick-start their journey. Many also have beautiful projects that are amazing, but do not have the necessary push to begin, we will be that push you need!

With an initial focus on health care, we at Care City are creating a community for young nurses and health care professionals who are still nursing the seeds of innovation in their hearts. We want to grow together as we nurture these dreams, connect with professionals of like minds and impact our world together.

If you want a team that thinks with you on your way to fulfilling your innovative dreams, while creating real friendship and connections, we are here for you. This programme describes a core goal of care city, which is innovation! We have the desire to make interaction one of our most effective tools, where we constantly interact with aspiring nurses who have genuine desires for innovation, health-technology and outreaches.

Send us a mail at or if you prefer to be informal, you can send me a direct mail at and I will gladly reply.

We look forward to becoming friends with you as we strive together to make our world a better place.

Details will be communicated on my twitter handle @Ayinla0.

Your Friend.

Ayinla Daniel, RN.
(Team Care City).

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