Hold My Hands – Our Debut Outreach/Mission.

“Hold my hands”, what a theme, it evokes this feeling of you pouring out your self to the service of another who will never be able to pay you back for the kindness you are showing to them.
In this brief article, I write a bit about “Hold My Hands”, our debut outreach/mission, which we are going to be undertaking with support from partners, sponsors and volunteers.
It’s our very first venture as a team, so, we really cherish the opportunity and we are super excited. We want to enjoy this first step with as many people as possible, so If you have a passion to help those in need, kindly let us know your intentions, we will be glad to have you on our team as we touch the world together, holding as many hands as possible.
Ayinla Daniel. RN.
(Team Care City)

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@thekatiemchase

It’s no new news that many in the developing world are deprived, hungry and suffering. So I do not think I will bore you with research details or statistical analysis, I just want to pour out my heart to you, hoping you will get a glimpse of what lies gently in my soul.

It’s a privilege, one we are careful enough to give thanks to the creator, for allowing many of us to enjoy most of the good things of life. But, while we enjoy, should we forget those who are not privileged? Either by providence or circumstance. We must prove that we are good souls, by stretching forth our hands, going out there, grabbing one or two hands and giving them a cup of cold water.

“Hold My Hands” is Care City’s contribution to the community. Our dream is to make this outreach/mission a yearly event, where we move out to the communities and show them, real love. It’s our debut, our very first attempt and we want you to be part of this experience.

Briefly, what are our goals and objectives?

Well, we have a more detailed document that clearly defines our goals and objectives, which is made available to our sponsors, partners, volunteers and friends, but I will say a little about our goals and objectives.

As part of the Universal Health Coverage plan, we want to contribute our quota, by going to the rural communities in Nigeria, and providing 100 children between the ages of 0 – 12 years with free medical services, which will include free malaria tests, optical assessments, nutritional assessments, and a strong focus on heart-health screening for these young fellows and if we come across any one of them with marked cardiac morbidity, we advocate on their behalf to seek intervention(s) from specialists, with all bills paid by philanthropical donations from those who believe in what we are doing, people like you.

This is what makes Hold My Hands unique, (though not a novel endeavour, but one that needs more attention) in that we are trying to give one child with a heart disease the opportunity to live a normal life; we all know how expensive it is to secure heart surgeries or interventions and those in these poor regions have no hope, but together we can give them hope.

In addition to the medical outreach, we will also have an educational outreach, which aims to provide educational support for children between the ages of 2 – 12 years of age, we want to work closely with partners and sponsors to bring these goals to fruition.

Details of our partners and sponsors will be included in all our campaigns and a community already exists where our partners, sponsors and volunteers get to interact as we know our selves better and plan.

Like I said earlier, we have a document that describes in more details our aims, objectives and strategies, which is exclusively for our partners, sponsors and volunteers.

Are you interested to be a part of what we are doing? You can contribute at any level and capacity, you can be a sponsor, or a partner or even a volunteer, the choice is all yours to make.

We are currently in the planning stage, we have a community of friends, where we discuss and make deliberations on issues like geographical locations, plans, methods of getting resource etc. Once you show your interest, we will make you a part of our community.

Contact us via our mail at

Care_city@outlook.com, Carecityng@gmail.com or send me a private mail at danielayinla1@gmail.com or contact our Project Manager via WhatsApp using this number 08163060543 or our Public Relations Officer via WhatsApp using this number 07033705735.

You can also follow us on twitter @Carecity4 to get details about the preparations and we will also keep publishing articles that relate to our preparations and progress.

We will be glad to work with you, having you on our team. Together we can do more!

Yours in the school of Innovation, Excellence and Community Service.
Ayinla Daniel. RN.
(Founder Care City)