Care City Leadership | Have You Stopped Growing?

Have You Stopped Growing?

What Are You Doing About Personal & Professional Development?

Ayinla Daniel. RN

Answer This Question

Have you stopped growing? Take some time out to study that little question and give the best and most sincere answer you can to it [you should be sincere with yourself, besides, it’s just you & you right now].

Let me give you five minutes to think about that question and the right answer to give…

One…Two…Three…Four…Five! Ok, your time’s up. What was your answer? A big yes, or a sincere no? Whatever your answer was, you will do your self much good to keep it with you, right there, in your heart.

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”

Ralph Waldo emerson

I know

I know it’s not easy, trying to balance life & work. And a profession like the nursing profession doesn’t seem to make it easy winning in the area of balance in life & work.

The many shifts that you have to work, the extra attention your personal life demands, and a whole lot of other responsibilities thrown at you are among the many obstacles that can prevent you from considering the lack that exists in your professional and personal life, and if you have got a family…more work.

You will need a huge dose of pure grit to be able to live to the fullest of your potential, not just as a registered nurse, but as a unique person that you are.

You Owe You

But, in the midst of all these, you still owe your life growth & development. Yes, guys, you do. Being occupied, or having less time for your self [hope that’s true though] is not an excuse for you to neglect your personal & professional development.

“Your job is to be the best that you can possibly be.”

Brian tracy

A lot of nurses have blamed a lack of enough time as a factor that has prevented them from paying adequate attention to personal and professional development. It is true, that there isn’t time, but it’s also true that you can create time to spend on your growth & development.

The environment might not favour your desire to grow. The government and the economy are definitely not your best friends. You must decide to pull your self by your bootstraps, tighten your belt, and pledge that a day will never go by without you placing one brick on the building of professional & personal development.

Change With The Tide

The world’s changing rapidly. Professions all over the globe are embracing newer technologies. Though the field of health care might have been slow in adopting some of these key changes, due to a lot of understandable factors.

Of recent, there has been a massive exodus of ideas, a disruption, a shift, that has taken over the health care industry, causing key players in the industry to rapidly shift their focus on the future, and this shift automatically places an undeniable burden on the health care professional who wants to evolve with the time to also begin to grow and develop in all ramifications.

If they refuse to grow with the tide, they stand the risk of becoming obsolete relics that just occupy space, contributing nothing to anything and anyone.

Nursing education is rapidly evolving. In the next twenty years or even less, we all will be amazed at the way the traditional curriculum that encapsulates nursing education will change; a transformation that it may have resisted for a very long time, which it will not be able to resist anymore this time around, the force of cultural dynamics will so crush a whole lot of ideas that have prevented the creative, innovative & academic explosion that we need in the nursing profession, one we so crave.

The professional body in Africa should position itself for this change. This type of reformation will not be merciful to anyone who refuses to take the time today to be better in what they are doing – investing in their personal and professional lives.

My Advice

My little advice for you, my fellow colleagues, is that you identify your role in the future now. The moment up for grabs is now, not tomorrow. Today is the right time for you to discover your role in the future and one way that you can discover this is by giving enough time to your personal & professional growth and development. Mine your assets now!

Your definition of personal and professional growth may be a little different from the way Mr. Ade views personal and professional development.

We all have varied perspectives, while one fellow defines personal development as advancement in his personal spiritual endeavors, the other person sees it as getting better in a sport that they love, or learning a new skill.

Anything that affords you the opportunity to discover more about your self – your strengths, uniqueness, talents, abilities, and not just mere discovery, but harnessing these potentials in a way that it is able to positively affect those you directly or indirectly interact with

Personal development may sound like a selfish concept, but it actually is not, for it is from a developed you that many riches can flow from that now goes ahead to enrich the lives of others that you interact with – not selfish I guess.

What about professional development? It is not just limited to acquiring more advanced degrees or certificates [as some think], which is good, and registered nurses are encouraged to upgrade their academic worth. But from a personal perspective, I understand that the idea of professional development is etched deep in the ability of a professional to utilize their knowledge about their profession to help the society around them.

“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” Henry David Thoreau.

henry david thoreau

Today we have a lot of professionals [Nurses included] who struggle to obtain more certificates and degrees, and after they have gotten some of these degrees, they sit down, doing nothing with what they have achieved.

The vast majority are spurred by the shallow desire to get bogus degrees, either because their colleagues are enrolling for higher degrees, or because they want to earn more. These reasons are genuine and wonderful and are not bad in themselves, but these should not be the major driving force. The primary reason should be for professional development, which I have explained earlier as being tightly hinged to the desire to contribute positively to that profession and impact the society around you.

One thing is certain, growth and development can not be hidden. If you are growing, you will know, and on the other hand, if you are not growing, you will definitely know, it all begins with you & in you.

In the next part of this article, we will talk about how you can give adequate time to every area of your life that matters to you, as it bothers on personal and professional development.

I will be sharing some personal tips that are helping me grow in all areas of my life, and I know that you will be able to learn a few things from my own experience and exposure that you can apply to your own life.

Before we meet again, I want you to take this question away with you: How Do I Want To Look Like In The Next Twenty Years Or More? Answer this question like you answered the one that started this article. Until we meet again.

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