Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria Launches Her Journal Club

Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria Launches Her Journal Club

Exciting Progress, Inspiring & An Innovative One

It is exciting, innovative and above all a great contribution to the development of The Nursing Profession in Nigeria, Africa, and The World. The Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria has again shown us how much they long to see that this profession against all odds emerges to become what it is supposed to be – A Scientific Body of Professionals, who have the right to be recognized and respected.

As we start this new journey, one that I strongly believe will be without end and its borders without boundaries, I urge us all, to come on board with ideas that can help us achieve this dream of greatness. I am an ardent supporter of what The Institute of Nursing Research does, having been on the team from inception, I can testify that they have goals, robust ones, that are capable of beautifying the nursing profession especially in Nigeria and Africa where this wonderful profession lacks sufficient colour and charm.

We here at Care City Nigeria are going to give all that it takes to make sure that The INR Journal Club grows to become a citadel that accommodates the finest ideas in the blurry and misty dimension of Nursing Research. I also welcome you into this team of elites, scholars, and violent professionals who are not ready to settle for less, or rest on their oars as regards moving our profession forward.

Welcome to the future of Nursing Research in Nigeria.

To get more details about the operation of INR’s Journal Club, find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Leave your comments, we want to know how excited you are concerning this development.

Featured Image Credit: Siavosh Hosseini | Unsplash

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