The human skin is anatomically & physiologically the largest external organ of the human body (covering about 22 square feet [2 square meters]). A vital member of man’s anatomy. Though recent research try to tell us that there’s another organ bigger than the skin. Let’s leave all that for the lab guys.

Ever seen a fellow walking about without his Kidney[s]? Yes, I have seen that, many times. What about one going about without his eye[s]? Yes, we also see that a lot. And another using a limb prosthesis to suffice for a missing appendage.

But what about seeing a fellow walking down your street without his skin on? [you will freak out!] Well, unless we are in the Marvel Universe, but right here, in this normal world, that’s impossible.

The skin is as important as the human brain or the heart. Hope I am right here. Looking at its functions, that can not be replaced by any other internal or external organ, or by prosthesis or an artificial organ. I think the skin is worthy to be among the category of ‘Vital Organ.’

No human being will survive more than two hours without their skin on (if not less). It does not just form a protective covering for the underlying tissue, it also serves as a major medium for excretion, a biological channel that enables the communication between a living organism and its immediate environment and a lot of other vital physiological functions.

The skin does not just protect the outer covering, it also lines all external cavities/orifices, e.g the mouth, the anus, the vagina, etc.

Its major layers, the dermis & the epidermis play very important, identical, yet different physiological roles.

Well, this is not an anatomy or physiology class. Don’t let me bore you with all the jargon.

The overall condition of your skin, tells a whole lot about your general well being. Many acute & chronic diseases that affect the human body, in one way or the other manifest their signs & symptoms through the human skin.

Swellings/oedema, itches, dryness, redness, clamminess, just name it, are all basic & common clinical manifestations of many acute & chronic diseases.

How is pain felt? Through the skin. There are networks of nerves, embedded in the skin that aid in the transmission of painful stimulus from one part of the body to the brain for interpretation as pain. Though there are deep nerves, that convey the perception of deeper kinds of pain to the brain, surface pain (peripheral pain [pain outside the brain & spinal cord]), still accounts for more than Seventy Percent of all painful stimulus sent to the brain, from trauma/damage to surface tissue.

This is to show you a little bit of how important the human skin is.

Ok, back to the major reason for writing this brief introduction. I stumbled upon this great article on the internet about the importance of laser therapy, and I decided to feature it on Care City Blog.

After studying the article, and understanding the importance of the information that it is trying to convey, I decided that it will be exciting to tell our readers about this wonderful modern-day therapy, that HIGHERDOSE offers as a healthcare service that does the human skin lots of good. And anything that does your skin great good, is definitely going to be of immense benefit to your overall health, for the skin serves as a portal of entry for infrared laser therapy and many other therapies.

The benefits of this therapy are general though, affecting positively your general wellbeing, but these benefits, as observed, will do your skin more good – getting rid of wrinkles, easing pain, aiding healing, etc.

Check the article here, I know you will love it, and you will definitely be interested in what HIGHERDOSE can do for your skin & overall health with their amazing laser therapy.

Featured Image Photo Credit: <a href=”http://<span>Photo by <a href=””>Carolina Heza</a> on <a href=””>Unsplash</a>Carolina Heza | Unsplash


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