The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation Of Nigeria Holds Her Annual CHD Awareness Week

The annual Congenital Heart Diseases Awareness week, organized by The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation of Nigeria, is a week-long health advocacy program designed to achieve one vital goal in the aspect of cardiovascular health in Nigeria, and that is simply to amplify the importance of “Heart Screening For Children,” with a specific focus on children living with Congenital Heart Diseases, and those whom we call “Heart Warriors,” fighters who have been able to overcome, majorly through Cardiac Surgeries.

While passing an important message across by creating a platform where children living with one form of cardiac anomaly can enjoy advocacy that will help them secure assistance in various forms & degrees. The event is also decorated with testimonies of children who have fought & overcome various kinds of congenital heart diseases, to encourage parents out there, who are thinking of making the decisions, whether or not to subject their kids, who are suffering from one form of cardiac congenital abnormality to surgical intervention.

The week is designed with programs that utilize the power of social media to enlighten the public about Congenital Heart Diseases.

The diverse team is made up of Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare Professionals, Cardiac Health Enthusiasts & Volunteers, who work in harmony to make sure that the goals of the campaign are achieved.

Starting with an introduction of the week on CHD’s social media platforms, on the 7th Feb 2021, which was also a National Wear Red Day, followed by an online presentation on 8th Feb, that discussed the causes of Congenital Heart Diseases, basics of fetal circulations, and common clinical features of common Congenital Heart Diseases.

On the 9th of Feb, the prevalence of Congenital Heart Diseases was discussed, followed by the importance of screening, and “Operation Search and Rescue.”

Warrior Wednesday

True stories to inspire us. Hear from those who have been able to conquer congenital heart abnormalities, and let their stories inspire you. And encourage someone out there who is still in the fight.

The warrior Wednesday is preceded by more lectures, and then a virtual fund-raising event for children awaiting cardiac surgeries in Nigeria. And on the 6th day, we give tributes to Heart Angels, and we pull the curtains with a virtual capital fund-raising for The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation of Nigeria.

Join The Campaign

How can you get involved? As a Partner, Sponsor, or Volunteer? Kindly reach out to the campaign manager. You can also be part of the campaign by joining the WhatsApp group through the “join the campaign button” below. There is something you can do, and your contribution is needed.


Launching of The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation Of Nigeria

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