Nigerian Nursing & Her Many Woes – The Problem of Lack of Purpose-driven Political Representatives

The definitive roles of purpose-driven, goal-getting, future forward-thinking political representatives in the Nigerian Nursing climes is of utmost importance.

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We have been too busy with professional & academic endeavors, that we have forgotten that the aspect of politics, though not fully understood & shrouded in secrecy & many mysteries, is one gear in the box that can either make things move well within a system or bring things to a permanent halt.

Though we are excited, that a new generation of Nigerian Nurses is arising. A more sophisticated breed of Nursing Professionals, who have studied critically the mistakes of the older generations, and are ready to put in their very best to make sure that the profession has a better future, a secured one.

But this dream may not be bold enough to see the light of day, because, even these young ones who we hope on, have started charting a different course, with a vast majority of them abandoning the Nigerian Nursing Dream, to pursue greener pastures, beyond the rising horizon.

If they all go, leaving home, who will be left behind to represent us? The older ones who are finding it difficult to come to terms with the rapid advancements in technology that are drastically changing the way care is delivered? Who have blatantly refused to embrace modern methods of thinking?

Alas, and happily, there may be a few older ones who have big hearts, who are ready to learn, to adapt, and to grow into the realms of advancements that the digital movement is presenting to us.

Oh, the other day, I heard of an Assistant Director of Nursing Services here in my country who already passed her IELTS, she’s ready to abandon her achievements here and start all over in another country. Interesting.

Are we going to leave our houses unattended too? No one will fight for us. The Doctors will never abandon their own battles to help us with our struggles! The Pharmacists are also busy working hard to build their own future. What about the medical laboratory scientist? They also have their business to attend to.

It’s one house, yes we know, but it has demarcations, active & very conspicuous ones.

There is an ongoing brain drain, a massive exodus of healthcare professionals that threatens the delicate balance of the healthcare sector in Nigeria. But that notwithstanding, we all are not going to escape at the same time. For those who may still be here, while we are making preparations for leaving the country (which is the golden dream of every healthcare professional in Nigeria today), let us also make sure that we are doing our best for the profession. It may not be easy, it almost looks like kicking against the prick, but it is an honourable thing to do than abandon ship, and leave the winds to take control of our sails.

Let us not forget that the countries that we are clamouring to run to, were not perfect at birth. The people had to struggle, fight, and even die to make those Nations what they are today. Should we not also try to do something for this country?

The leaders are not helping us. That’s a song that we have been singing for a very long time. Our children may come along the line and unfortunately, they may be forced to inherit this song, the song of it is our leaders who destroyed this country. But the question still stands – what are you doing for the country?

When will Nursing Nigeria be bold enough to say that they have political representatives that are unbiased embodiments of the desires of Nurses in Nigeria? Leaders who are not tainted by the dirty hands of greed. Who know what their country & profession desire.

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