Ten Digital Health Technologies That Will Transform The Future Of Nursing Practice In Africa |Part 1 | Carecode Digital Health Hub

Africa’s Unique Digital Health Industry is still a growing one, a terrain that needs a lot of exploration, with amazing discoveries waiting to be unearthed.

The African Digital Health environment is rift with plenty of digital opportunities. A fertile ground for investors to sow today and reap tomorrow.

Why is it fertile? It’s, because of the resources it has that can sustain any kind of digital idea. From human resources, which is in abundance, to a thriving healthcare landscape dotted with varied forms of healthcare services that will benefit heavily from the introduction of the future-forward concept of digital health technologies. And of course, a very large population of young people born into the era of the internet, smart phones & bitcoin.

Should we neglect the challenges? No, we can’t do that. The challenges will be factored into our methods & strategies, as we think of innovative ways to use the barriers as ladders that can help us achieve our goals, our dreams & objectives.

The Nursing profession of recent has been going through mandatory, enormous & needed reformations. With advancing roles that come with more complex academic & professional training, preparing them to take on the challenges that come with the expanding clinical and social roles & accompanied cultural changes, making them more responsible healthcare professionals. 

In this series of articles, I will talk about ten important digital health technologies that are expected to transform the way nurses practice on the African continent.

I have studied closely global digital health progress trends, and I have been able to synthesize the information harvested from my study, bringing out useful facts & insights that can be utilized to help us map out the path that we can use to journey as a profession in today’s digital-driven world, with the hope that we will be able to strategically place ourselves to be relevant in the coming digital health revolution that is about to sweep the African continent very soon, that is if it isn’t already upon us. 

What are these technologies?

A quick list…

  1. Evolution In Health Records Management (Data Based)
  2. Remote Patient Monitoring (My Favourite)
  3. Robotics & Automation
  4. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Data Based)
  5. Virtual/Augmented Reality For Healthcare Education
  6. Medication Management Technologies
  7. The Internet Of Medical Things & Community Health
  8. Digital Health Solutions & Patient’s Safety
  9. The Exciting World Of Medical Equipment/Gadgets
  10. Research & Statistics Based Technologies

That’s a long list (with many branches). We will take our time to go through each one, and learn what we can learn about them, while using the knowledge extracted to help us make decisions about the path that we would love to follow, and the role we desire to play in the Digital Health Revolution that Africa as a continent is about to experience.

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Nursing Mentorship: Mentor Material

“a dyadic, long-term and reciprocal process
between senior experienced nurse and a junior nurse and or
a nursing student, facilitating knowledge and skill acquisition
while providing psychosocial and emotional support with the
aims of fostering both personal and professional development
for effective role change into the nursing profession” – Shaikh Abdul Matin, Deparment of Internal Medicine, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

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