Ten Digital Health Technologies That Will Transform The Future Of Nursing Practice In Africa | Part 2 | Carecode Digital Health Hub

Continued from the last part. Check out the first part of this article here.

Evolution In Health Records Management

The metrics that we obtain from health records are not just mere numbers. These are important statistical virtues, that any serious scientist understands pretty well its importance to the world of science & innovation.

Some years back, we did not understand the importance of health data. But today, in the age of BIG DATA, we are gradually beginning to appreciate the usefulness of DATA, as we have never done in previous decades, as a race and a profession.

Why are we so concerned about Nurses? We are because Nurses are among the apex healthcare professionals who are saddled with the responsibility of gathering more than seventy percent of healthcare information.

From basic history taking, to more advanced forms of data collection, either through telemetry, or a one on one Nurse patient interaction.

This places on them the responsibility to understand better how important DATA is in the world of healthcare practice.

They should be encouraged to start studying data from a more advanced perspective, for this will give them more respect for DATA.

Like I always say & write, that DATA is life. It can be used to understand the future & in some cases predict what will happen tomorrow.

To be continued…

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