The Great Digital Shift; Why You May Be Left Behind If You Do Not Act Now | Part One

The world is changing, and it has not finished changing [will it ever stop changing?]

Each day brings to our doorposts a new kind of development, either from the challenging world of science, medicine, and technology, or the dynamic realm of culture and arts, all the way to the engaging departments of economics, business, and commerce.

These remarkable developments are of course orchestrated by human beings, and not aliens in flying saucers. Men have inputted a lot of time, resources, and energy into making sure the world is a better place for us all to live in.

As humanity finds its way through the course of history, we have done for ourselves and the world we occupy a whole lot of good, and we are not going to stop just yet.

The advent of the internet has caused a lot of positive disruptions in all the industries known to mankind. The energy it brings has affected positively the world of arts and culture. It has caused a lot of positive changes to the world of business and commerce, and the world of health is about to be affected heavily by it.

The health care industry has responded slowly to the impact of the internet, and it is understandable. But the pandemic has in a way caused us to understand better the role of the internet in health care practice. It isn’t just about Health IT. Health IT is different from Digital Health, in that Health IT is limited to the technical aspects of manipulating health care information, Hardware, and Software (What is not Digital Health?)

Digital Health goes beyond mere manipulations of data and technology, it seeks to find a way in which the patient/client can be touched with these technologies, how they can be helped and assisted. Digital Health puts the patient in the middle and not the software or data; it’s the patient first. This is one attribute that makes digital health different – it defines it.

We are in the digital age, and the health care industry has realized it, coming to terms with the compulsory and needed adjustments that should be made, especially among the ranks of health care professionals.

Do you want to be left behind? It’s like a rapture, and only those who have prepared themselves will get the opportunity to fly high.

There’s a great digital shift, approaching, a massive one. A compulsory one, and like I wrote in the sixth paragraph above, the pandemic has accelerated this change. (continued in the next part).

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