Welcome To April | A Small Advice

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The year is slowly coming to an end. There’s something about progress, most times, you can’t even track it. But yet, you are improving – something inside tells you that you are.  

But it is always better that we know what aspects of our lives are experiencing progress, and which parts are not. This will enable us to pay more attention to both aspects:  Give more time to those abandoned sides and also give more attention to the aspects that are improving (equal attention). 

Now, do not be intimidated by the progress of those around you, or those in your clan or community. Instead of accommodating that feeling, choose to convert it into the inspiration that drives & powers you. 

Go back to the drawing board. You have another quarter before you full of possibilities, opportunities & experiences. It is in your volition to make use of them. No one will do that for you. Your destiny is in your hands. And not in the hands of someone else who has his journey before him. 

What will you do more in this fresh quarter? 

Let me suggest:

  • Pray more: Our existence depends on God, our creator, and the source of life.
  • Learn more: There is so much to learn out there. Learn new things about your profession. Plan to take courses or a higher degree. Learn a skill; preferably a digital one, or even a vocational skill. Learn leadership & networking. 
  • Reach out more: There are people out there who need what you have inside you. It could be money or a unique skill or ability that you have developed over time. There are courses that you can dedicate your time to. Join a club. Maybe a journal club, or an NGO. Volunteer. Just give something out without expecting returns (money or recognition). The kind of returns that come from this portal reaches you in form of growth, development, and relationships. 
  • Play more: Life is not all about work. Give yourself more breaks. Take a vacation, you can. It is luxury. Luxury is what you choose to call it. Meet friends, hang out. Breathe more, you deserve it. 
  • Live more: An accumulation of some of the things that I have just mentioned. I could write more, but let me stop here. 

Friends, there is so much you should be doing with your temporal life here on earth. Do them, Do more, Be more…

Welcome to April.

Yours in the school of Innovation, Leadership & Learning.

Ayinla Daniel.

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