Care City’s Partnership With ZACRAC: Partners For The Future Of Digital Health In Nigeria & Africa

Here at Care City, we believe in the power of collaboration, working with partners who believe in making the future of healthcare a better place with the power of Digital Life 

Our most recent partnership is with ZACRAC. The CEO of ZACRAC happens to be a very close friend of mine, dating back to my secondary school days (we lost contact, talking about more than ten years ago), and we met some weeks back during my wedding (what an exciting way to celebrate a reunion). 

A few days after our happy reunion, I stumbled upon something he updated on his status on WhatsApp, and as usual, my innovative mind went into action. I asked him a couple of questions, and along the line, I discovered that we could cook something up.  

We decided to design a free Data Science Webinar for Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria & Africa (not limited to us here in Africa though), the free webinar will aim to sensitize healthcare professionals, exposing them to the realities of DATA & its wide variety of importance & use in the field of healthcare, especially in Nigeria & Africa (you all know that I have a bias & unquenchable love for my country, it’s just natural, and as a leader & writer, I always make sure that this pride is showcased in all that I do).  

Oh, it wasn’t just going to end at the junction of organizing free webinars. We also came up with the idea of creating DATA SCIENCE COURSES that are tailored to fit the needs of Healthcare Professionals (EXCITING!).

This is an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals (and digital health enthusiasts alike) in Nigeria & Africa who are desperate about improving their Digital Skills.

These courses will be structured to meet basic, intermediate & advanced needs, while we deliberately focus on the various ways that these digital skills can be applied to solving real-life healthcare problems. 

Courses will be delivered through our Digital Health Hub, Carecode, with ZACRAC providing most of the resource personnel & materials (which we will make sure are designed for healthcare professionals).  

We will utilize easy to manipulate social platforms, like ZoomWhatsApp & Telegram, while also ensuring that we provide continuous mentorship to those who are willing to go steps further in the world of DATA SCIENCE. 

Certificates of participation, lecture materials & special memberships will be provided for enrollees of our DATA Courses. 

Ten Basic Tech Skills Every Registered Nurse Must Have

This free webinar will usher in our Data Science Courses built for healthcare professionals. In those courses, we will look at the fundamentals of Data Science, as it relates to Healthcare, our partner will train healthcare workers in the basic & advanced uses of Data tools, ranging from MS Excel to IBM SPSS, and the basics & fundamentals of Python Programming Language. 

I am already super excited, seeing the great things this partnership will achieve in the nearest future.

In the next post, I will provide more details, as to the proposed date(s)methods of deliveryrequirements & registration processes. 

If you would like to be part of this endeavor, you can reach out to me on any of my social media handles or contact Care City directly on our official mail. 

Do make sure you keep in touch through our social media handles, and my personal Twitter page, where I will be sharing details on progress & plans. 

And if you would like to be a part of our community on WhatsApp, kindly follow this link, there we share updates about all that goes on in Care City & the Digital Health World at large. 

Stay with us… 

Inspired To Do More…


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