Nurturing Your Innovative Ideas: Fighting To Keep Them Alive | Innovation & Leadership

Tend, Nourish, Cultivate, Rear, Care, Feed, are all some interesting synonyms of the word Nurture

In the entrepreneurial & innovative community, one of the challenges young entrepreneurs & innovators will face is in the stages where they have to nurture their ideas – the stage where they have to fight to keep them alive. 

Thousands of ideas are born daily, only a few make it out alive, and only a sparse amount of the survivors will survive out here. 

Nurturing your ideas can be compared to the biological process of having children. Kids don’t fall from the sky. Before you can have one, there are mandatory biological processes involved.  

For any innovative idea to survive out here, there is always the formative phase. In this phase, you may have seen something. It may just be an idea in its rudimentary forms. It may work, it may not work. It may be realistic, and it may not be realistic. Yet, it’s still an idea. It may just be a dream that never wakes up, maybe like Elon Musk’s dream of making human life interplanetary. 

In the biological process of having children, it takes about nine months before the child is ready to be born. And after it’s born, it enters another stage, and a different kind of care is employed to suit its new life. 

The same principles apply to nurturing your ideas. Being excited about those beautiful ideas is not all that there is, just like being excited about the idea that you will be having a kid, is not all that there is to nurturing one.

You have to be adamantdetermined & ready to fight for your ideas like you were fighting for your own life. Yes, it’s that tough. If you do not fight for your ideas, I can boldly tell you that nobody will fight for you, yes, not even your Mother or Wife, they have their own battles to fight. So, it’s all up to you, to fight for what you believe, for your dreams.

These days, we may have incubators that help upcoming entrepreneurs nurture their ideas, it’s a welcoming development, but it does not stop there. There are a thousand elements out there that are capable of killing your ideas, even if you hatched them in the warmest of incubators.

There were some brilliant ideas that amazed us some years back, but today, we can’t find them, they are all dead.  

The founders that you see around you today, will not be the same fellows you will see in the next five or ten years. Many would have given up, started new lives, gotten married, had kids – many will just melt into the normal everyday life. It’s normal & expected.

They are not weak, they did not fight enough (maybe they are actually weak). In the entrepreneurial & innovative world, excitement is not all that there is. There are challenges that only you will have to face.

There are times when the team that you have managed to stitch together will begin to fall apart. It’s just a phase, a compulsory one. But that should not stop you from fighting for your ideas, from nurturing them, and making sure that these babies of yours don’t get aborted in the hidden chambers of your heart.

As innovators, we never really stop fighting for our ideas. We keep on nurturing and fighting for them, it’s a life-long battle. The day you stop nurturing your ideas, you stop fighting, and the day you stop fighting, you have stopped believing, and that day, is the day that we can say farewell – adieu.

And sometimes, if we are patient enough as innovators & entrepreneurs, we will be able to understand that failure is not fatal. It is never the end of a journey, instead, it serves as a hidden path into another adventure. This truth can only make sense to you if you are patient enough. 

Those who are counted as failures today in the “world of ideas” are those who were not patient enough to watch the ruins. 

What do I mean by watching the ruins? 

Simple; when we build, most times it falls apart, especially if you are just starting out (anything can make things fall, really). 

Don’t abandon the carcass, honey may be hidden somewhere in there. Watch it. It can serve as manure for the next idea (It always does).  

That’s called fighting. We keep watching our ruins until someday, something interesting & important arises from all the broken down mortar & brick.  

What ideas have you abandoned? You know them. Today, I admonish you to go bring them back from the dump and start heating them back to life. Warm them up with your passion. You can do it, you were built for more.

Featured Image Credit: Sharon Pittaway | Unsplash


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6 thoughts on “Nurturing Your Innovative Ideas: Fighting To Keep Them Alive | Innovation & Leadership

  1. Very beautiful, insightful and excellent piece. Your craft is compelling dear Daniel. Keep up the good work. I must say too, that it’s a timely write up for me because few minutes into reading this, I revisited an old, old idea I had dumped at the geriatric home without checks. (Isn’t that mean of me?)
    I hope this will encourage me to dismiss this idea from there and come home to nurse it myself until it becomes vibrant and fruitful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Ayooluwa for the beautiful comment, it’s encouraging🤭.

      And for that old idea of yours which you abandoned, we can’t wait to bask in its ambience when you finally let it out🥰.

      Thank You…

      Liked by 1 person

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