DATA AND HEALTHCARE: The Brilliant Convergence | Carecode Digital Health Hub

DATA AND HEALTHCARE: The Brilliant Convergence

Data is life…

It is the building block of all the beautiful things that we see around us…

Data gives the world substance. With Data we can interact with existence and learn from it…

In the healthcare industry, Data plays a very vital role in the understanding of the future of healthcare

With the rich Data derived from healthcare, clinicians & researchers can make informed decisions to improve the quality of care.

“Data-powered IT tools] are helping clinicians and patients get the latest and greatest evidence-based, life-saving best practices at their fingertips. And much more.”

Todd Park, United States CTO.

With Data, it is easier for Healthcare professionals to design evidence-based & patient-centred care.

There is so much Data generated in the healthcare field today. Data that is underutilized.

Healthcare professionals must have a strong understanding of the importance of Data to healthcare.

Join Carecode Digital Health Hub in conjunction with ZACRAC on a day Data & Healthcare Webinar as we look at the brilliant convergence between Data & Healthcare.

Date: Saturday, July 3rd, 2021.
Time: 8:00pm prompt.
Venue: Zoom.

To register, kindly follow the link provided below:

You also stand the chance of getting a discount on one of ZACRAC’s Data Science courses (more information on this will be made available).

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