We Are Moving Our Domain

Hello there to our beautiful readersfollowerspartners & friends. We believe you are faring well. 

For some time now, we have been working at restructuring the way things are done here at Care City, and part of that work is the changing of our domain name, from “Www.thisiscarecity.com” to “Www. carecityonline.com.” (In technical terms, we are migrating the site from “WordPress.com” to “WordPress.org.” Our fellow ‘WordPressians’ will understand these terms better). 

We are excited, and looking forward to inspiring you to do more. 

All our old content here will be moved to the new website, and they will be updated. 

You may have some technical issues at first, navigating through the posts, but never mind, we are working hard to make sure everything is just fine. 

This domain name will become inactive from 8th July 2021. We will miss it here, but we just have to move ahead. 

The new site is already active, though we are still working on it, we hope that in no time we would have put everything in place. 

You can check it out here, (tell us what you think). It’s a small one, and we believe that it will do the job of communicating our dreams. 

Once we are done moving, we will resume writing blog posts, articles, essays, and doing what we know how to do best – inspiring you to do more. 

We want to appreciate the support you have shown us, it means a lot to us. Let’s do more in this second part of the year. 

Your friend in the school of Innovation, Learning & Leadership.

Ayinla Daniel.

Founder, Care City. 

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