Nigerian Nursing & Her Many Woes – The Problem of Lack of Purpose-driven Political Representatives

"When will Nursing Nigeria be bold enough to say that they have political representatives that are unbiased embodiments of the desires of Nurses in Nigeria? Leaders who are not tainted by the dirty hands of greed. Who know what their country & profession desire..."

INSPIRE | Interview Session With Oyeleye Christianah, Registered Cardiothoracic Nurse & Founder Of The Congenital Heart Disease Foundation Of Nigeria

"Professor. Ekama Ilesanmi whom I met while writing my council exam 2012 is a woman I admire. As of then, she already had a Ph.D. in Nursing and I would also love to get my Ph.D. in Nursing before I am 40."

INSPIRE | Maiden Interview Session With Chidera Alajemba, Registered Nurse & Founder of Engage Hope Network

"Relocation to the United Kingdom for me was not because I don't love my country. No! I relocated because we all want a better working condition and an opportunity to build capacity which in the short or long run we will channel back home into our beloved country."

Think Like An Entrepreneur, Act Like A Nurse – Discovering Your Innovative Streak As A Registered Nurse | The Innovation Series with Ayinla Daniel. RN | 10 minutes read

Think like an entrepreneur, act like a nurse is part of The Innovation Series published on CARE CITY BLOG, that tries to spur Registered Nurses to follow the golden path of innovation.

Why You Should Choose A Career in Advance Practice Nursing – Five Intelligent Reasons, A Brief Analysis; The Hurdles Awaiting|5-Minutes read|By Ayinla Daniel. RN, RCTN.

Advancing in your profession, is one way you can truly enjoy your career. Though not easy, development is hard work, but it sure does worth all the stress and inputs.

My Clinical Experience at The National Cardiothoracic Center of Excellence Korle-bu Teaching Hospital Accra Ghana – Many Perspectives, A Wake Up Call|2 minutes read| By Ayinla Daniel, RN, RCTN.

A personal narrative, telling a story and at the same time exposing some cracks in our health care system in Nigeria.

Understanding Nursing Practice | Care City Learning | Introduction.

Nursing practice in many places, especially in developing parts of Africa and West Africa to be precise is grossly misunderstood. A whole lot of folks do not really understand the clinical role of the Registered Nurse and one obvious effect of this misunderstanding is that many young fellows, unfortunately do not have enough inspiration to … Continue reading Understanding Nursing Practice | Care City Learning | Introduction.


HEALTH CARE INNOVATION TODAY. ON CARE CITY. Their raw passion is tangible, you can feel it, it's alive, in their stories they tell it. These health care practitioners are somewhat extraordinary in their various fields of practice. They have been able to create solutions to various problems health care practitioners face in their everyday practice. … Continue reading HEALTH CARE INNOVATION TODAY.

Health Technology News Today – Five Nurses Making Waves in Healthcare Innovation

While studying and surfing the net, I came across very interesting news on Johnson & Johnson's site about five nurses who are blazing the tracks of health care innovation, so I decided to feature the article on Care City so that nurses who want to do more can get inspired and start thinking & doing. … Continue reading Health Technology News Today – Five Nurses Making Waves in Healthcare Innovation

Leadership Qualities Every Registered Nurse Must Develop. By Ayinla Daniel (RN).

“Rejoice in your work; never lose sight of the nursing leader you are now and the nursing leader you will become." – Sue Fitzsimons Leadership, a vital, important and necessary requirement every professional body must consciously and continuously cultivate among its ranks. There is a dire need for true leadership these days, leadership that has … Continue reading Leadership Qualities Every Registered Nurse Must Develop. By Ayinla Daniel (RN).