It’s International Women’s Day.

Listen to this! • Women should be respected. No matter what, they go through a lot, we must respect them, they should not even beg or protest for it. • Women should be protected. They should not ask or bargain for it, come on, these are our mothers & sisters, we must do all we … Continue reading It’s International Women’s Day.

Asherman’s Syndrome: A Challenge To Woman Hood.

Asherman's Syndrome: A Challenge To Woman Hood. By Egbere Onyeka Barnabas (RN, BNSC). Asherman's syndrome is a rare acquired uterine disease that causes adhesions (scar tissues) to form in the uterus. The disease may be mild with adhesion occurring in only a small portion of the uterus, or severe when the adhesions are so extensive, … Continue reading Asherman’s Syndrome: A Challenge To Woman Hood.