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A Couple of Solution: Dr. Ugur Sahin left and Dr. Özlem Türeci, founders of BioNTech
A Couple Of Solution – Husband And Wife Team Working To Produce A Vaccine For Corona Virus

The Pandemic has squeezed humanity, thrown us into a corner, and left us with no choice but to fight back. The vaccine race is still on, as leading pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical research companies all over the world put in their best to develop a solution [vaccine] that should be able to combat the virus. BioNTech, a biotechnology company founded by Dr. Ugur and his wife Dr. Özlem Türeci in collaboration with Pfizer one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical company, may have made giant strides in the global struggle to get a vaccine that works.

WHO Designates The Year 2021 As The International Year of Health And Health Care Workers

The year 2020, which was designated The Year of The Nurse & Midwife has shown the world how important Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and all other Health and Care workers are. Many have lost their lives in the battle against the virus. It makes much sense if we dedicate a whole year to honour their sacrifice, look for ways to improve work conditions of healthcare workers in developing countries and inspire more people to join the great army.

Quang Tri UNGUYEN | Unsplash
Technology And The Toot – Nine Technologies That Will Definitely Shape The Future of Dentistry

The conservative field of Dentistry is also benefitting from the massive technological revolution that is sweeping across the healthcare industry. New and innovative solutions are designed everyday. From intra-oral cameras (cool), to regenerative dentistry. There are novel technologies that promise to give the field of dentistry plenty of colour in the not-too -distant ‘enamel’ future.

Clarisse Croset | Unsplash
Machine Learning Is Playing A Vital Role In The Understanding Of The Pandemic’s Effects On Mental Health

The applications of Machine Learning knows no boundaries. AI algorithms are being thought how to do a host of things that some decades ago we thought was impossible for machines to do. Can we rely on these smart algorithms? Can we trust them? See how Machine Learning is helping us understand the effects of the pandemic on the mental health of individuals.

Biorithm Is Bringing Innovative Ideas Into The Fast Developing Digital Health Arena of Remote Monitoring

This health-tech start-up based in Singapore is utilizing novel ideas to drive innovation in the delicate and vital aspect of foetal monitoring. Using ECG/EMG technologies, clinicians are able to detect life threatening anomalies that may threaten the health of mother and child.

Wear A Mask, It Not Only Protects You, But It Protects Others Around You, Says CDC

Wearing of masks has become a compulsory culture imposed on us by the pandemic. It may not be convenient for us, but it is important, a public health safety rule that we all as responsible human beings must obey.

Michael Dziedzic | Unsplash
From The Medical Futurist: Seven Things You Can Expect From A.I In Healthcare

In this article [a series], the Medical Futurist [a great guy], reveals to us a lot of things – truths, about what to expect from Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Practice. Have a look, I know you will not regret checking it out.


Top Smart Algorithms In Healthcare

My Limb’s Got A Brain of Its Own

A.I powered robotic limbs – sounds cool right? It’s cool and it’s happening. The future of prosthetics science is here and Artificial Intelligence is giving it bright colours.


Withings Has Joined The Glorious Race

Withings, a French based medical wearables device manufacturing company has also joined Apple and Fitbits in the novel industry of the manufacturing of medical devices with their new “ScanWatch,” which has already received CE marking for medical devices.

“Developed by cardiologists and sleep experts, Withings says that ScanWatch is the world’s first clinically validated hybrid smartwatch to detect both atrial fibrillation (AFib) and overnight breathing disturbances.”


WellMind’s Health App Welcomed

The NHS has welcomed WellMind‘s Health app that helps patient managing different degrees of pain into their health applications library.


This App Helps People Better Understand The Virus

Created by Expert Self Care, the application provides people living in the UK with information about the Corona Virus.


Franck V | Unsplash

Robotic Brain Surgeries

This robot that has got no brains; just wires, chips and motors, is going to drill a hole in your skull? If I were you, I would run for my dear life! [Just kidding]. And more on NEOSCOPE! I love NEOSCOPE! Good Health-tech stuffs.

Medical Device Twinning, What Does It Even Mean?

“This increased digitisation and adoption of remote technology has reduced costs, provided us with more time and has allowed us to respond dynamically, being quicker in our decision-making.” This discovery is undoubtedly the most recent discovery in the medical device industry.

Duke University

Tele-Robotic Intelligent Nursing Assistant

Is Duke University School of Nursing trying to replace nurses with their new artificial intelligence powered robot T.R.I.N.A?


Joshua Coleman | Unsplash

Time Is Tissue – Mobile Stroke Management Will Save More Lives.

Prompt intervention makes very big difference in the management of stroke. If medical intervention can quickly locate a patient on time, then it is possible to salvage the situation and save a life, preventing further damage/disability from occurring due to time wastage.


What Type of Face Masks Should We Wear?

There are masks and there are masks. A mask is not just meant to cover your nose or mouth, it’s meant to protect you and others around you. The CDC recommends wearing a particular type of mask.


Adherence To Medication Is One Silent Problem In Pharmacotherapy – Is There A Possible Solution?

“We don’t see this as a closed system, we see this as an open system, and we see ourselves as a pharmacy that packs these trays and we’ve got a device that manages that tray. You can have the notifications sent to whoever you want, however you want, because it all relies on an SMS system. It can be easily configured to ping off to another system and sends it through.”

Care City Blog stole The 40th Position

On Feedpost’s top 60 nursing blogs & websites, we were able to hold on to the 40th position. Give us a little hug.



Huge Help For Health – Tech Initiatives In The UK

That’s a whole lot of money there. These six awe provoking health-tech solutions are receiving help from the UK government, as part of a strategy to improve health care delivery of the NHS.

“The funding follows the launch of the government’s R&D Roadmap in July 2020 which detailed plans to make the UK the best place in the world for scientists and researchers to live and work, building on the government’s commitment to increase R&D public spending to £22 billion per year by 2024 to 2025.”

Brian Tucker/Healthdive

Two Giants Having Dinner

The biggest megadeal in the US Digital Health industry so far. The merging of Teladoc Health & Livongo. Experts are saying a whole lot about it.


The Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation of Nigeria Launches, Ready To Contribute Her Own Quota To The World of Cardiac Care In Africa

Innovation knows no boundary. It has no limits. A group of young healthcare professionals have brought their ideas together to create a not-for-profit organization that is driven with the passion to support children [and their parents] who are battling one form of Congenital Heart Disease/Defect.

Africa And A.I: Indigenous Engineers Using The Intelligence of A.I To Combat Air Pollution

There are no boundaries to what A.I can do in the field of healthcare. In Uganda, Engineer Bainomugisha and his team of researchers have come up with A.I driven solutions to help monitor the level of pollution in the air of Kampala.

Another Computer Engineer in South-Africa Tapiwa Chiwewe, is also harnessing the energy of A.I to fight South-Africa’s air pollution problems.

Polio Is Leaving Africa – The World Health Organization To Declare Africa Polio Free!

“A polio-free Africa would leave only 2 countries where polio transmission has never been interrupted: Pakistan and Afghanistan.” Says W.HO. This is a milestone. We hope for better cooperation among major stakeholders in Primary Health Care in African countries to help make this dream a reality – A Polio Free Africa.

Africa & Health Tech

Africa is seeing an impressive increase in Health Tech start-ups. For this increase to be sustained, there are a lot of elements that must be put in place. Should one thank God for the pandemic, that served as a gadfly of some sort to spur us into action – innovating, collaborating & thinking?

Big Data Africa

The data is pretty big. Data is life, like I always say. Everything around us is made up of DATA. We live in a world of data, and that is why it is pertinent that we begin to understand the nature of data, and how it can be used to make life better for all of us.

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Five Personal Survival Tips For Newly Qualified Critical Care Nurses In Nigeria – My Humble Five | Six Minutes Read

“In Critical Care, Kidneys have stopped working, hearts are failing, lungs have collapsed, brains are shutting down, intestines have stopped moving, livers are tired, phew, it is a cocktail of organ/physiological failures here and there. You may be too busy trying to repair the lungs, and your attention has been taken away from the kidneys that have shut down for two hours, and then you have to return to trying to salvage the kidneys, and then the brain starts to sleep – Critical, I must tell you!”

Nursing After The Year Of The Pandemic | Part i

“In the wake of the pandemic, while we count losses, and nurture our wounds, we as a race, were able to still make progress in historical leaps & bounds. The gospel of Digital Health gained a wider audience & followership, as people, governments & organizations, began to realize the important need for us to have a healthcare system that had remote care woven into its fabrics.”

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