Our leadership page features our interview series, ‘INSPIRE’, leadership articles [featured and curated] & our mentorship programmes designed for young registered nurses in Nigeria, Africa & The World and a variety of content created with the intention to inspire Registered Nurses to do more.


INSPIRE is a leadership programme designed by Care City Leadership that seeks to inspire registered nurses in Nigeria & Africa to do more by interviewing registered nurses.

We believe in the power of story telling. And we know that there are a lot of stories out there waiting to be told.

We want to use our stories to inspire us to do more. Your story can inspire. Your story can bring hope to those who are already thinking of throwing in the towel.

Do you want us to tell your story? Send us a mail, with a simple description of who you are, and we will be glad to have you on ‘INSPIRE.’

We currently are working on our maiden interview, do stay tuned…


Our leadership articles are written by our writers and editors. We have also gone further to feature leadership articles curated from other sources. Our utmost desire is to inspire you to do more.

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