Nurturing Your Innovative Ideas: Fighting To Keep Them Alive | Innovation & Leadership

You have to be adamant, determined & ready to fight for your ideas like you were fighting for your own life. Yes, it's that tough. If you do not fight for your ideas, I can boldly tell you that nobody will fight for you, yes, not even your Mother or Wife, they have their own battles to fight. So, it's all up to you, to fight for what you believe.

Ten Digital Health Technologies That Will Transform The Future Of Nursing Practice In Africa |Part 1 | Carecode Digital Health Hub

"...Why is it fertile? It's, because of the resources it has that can sustain any kind of digital idea. From human resources, which is in abundance, to a thriving healthcare landscape dotted with varied forms of healthcare services that will benefit heavily from the introduction of the future-forward concept of digital health technologies. And of course, a very large population of young people born into the era of the internet, smart phones & bitcoin..."

Think Like An Entrepreneur, Act Like A Nurse – Discovering Your Innovative Streak As A Registered Nurse | The Innovation Series with Ayinla Daniel. RN | 10 minutes read

Think like an entrepreneur, act like a nurse is part of The Innovation Series published on CARE CITY BLOG, that tries to spur Registered Nurses to follow the golden path of innovation.

UNDERSTANDING NURSING PRACTICE | Volume i Part 1| The Unique Clinical Roles of The Registered Nurse.

UNDERSTANDING NURSING PRACTICE. VOLUME i PART 1. The Unique Clinical Roles of The Registered Nurse. By, Ayinla Daniel, RN The nursing profession is one profession that has come a very long way, from being a profession with just the title or tag of a vocation subordinate to the Physician to one independent, housing its own … Continue reading UNDERSTANDING NURSING PRACTICE | Volume i Part 1| The Unique Clinical Roles of The Registered Nurse.

CREATIVITY IN NURSING PRACTICE | By Odoemenem John (RN, nursing creative and innovator, writer and blogger)| 3 – 4 minutes read.

Creativity in its entirety is "problem solving" but with two characteristics; "relevance and novelty". Relevance is the degree at which an idea solves a problem completely, while novelty is the degree of uniqueness (newness), and originality of a solution.


HEALTH CARE INNOVATION TODAY. ON CARE CITY. Their raw passion is tangible, you can feel it, it's alive, in their stories they tell it. These health care practitioners are somewhat extraordinary in their various fields of practice. They have been able to create solutions to various problems health care practitioners face in their everyday practice. … Continue reading HEALTH CARE INNOVATION TODAY.