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Care Code | Digital Literacy Academy | Care City’s Digital Literacy Academy For Registered Nurses and Health Care Professionals In Nigeria & Africa

Innovation is the language we understand here at Care City. We are not resting on our oars, we are not accepting the status quo, we are dedicated to excellence in all ramifications.

From the depth of our desire to innovate, we are designing a Digital Literacy Academy targeted at Registered Nurses & Health Care Professionals [with a wider future target] in Nigeria & Africa. Care Code is our Digital Literacy Academy dedicated to reaching Registered Nurses & Health Care Professionals with the message of digital life in Africa, Nigeria and beyond!

Our facilitators are 90% registered nurses who love the digital world and are ready to make impact the world of nursing and medicine with the energy of digital life

Our programmes are going to be tailored to suit Registered Nurses in Nigeria & Africa. We have been able to create basic and advance classes for Registered Nurses and Health Care Professionals who are ready to influence health care in Africa with Digital Life.

Care Code was created out of the desire to expose Registered Nurses & Health Care Professionals to the world of informatics. Many Nurses are technophobic, they feel the digital world is meant for the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, they do not know that they will do themselves and their communities a lot of good by allowing the passage of digital life into their professional endeavours.

Especially in Africa and my country Nigeria, we are not fully exposed to digital life, due to quiet a number of understandable reasons, but Care Code has come to bridge this gap, we want to make learning Information Communication Technology easy and enjoyable for Registered Nurses & Health Care Professionals in Nigeria and Africa.

This is why we created Care Code, to “teach them tech”, as part of Care City’s campaign of innovation, learning and excellence.

Right now, plans are ongoing, we are preparing our pioneer facilitators, preparing courses and putting structures in place.


The mission of Care Code is to expose, teach, inform, educate, and enlighten Registered Nurses and Health Care Professionals in Nigeria and Africa about Digital Health Technology, through the power of unparalleled, detailed and easy to comprehend digital courses, seminars/workshops, materials and other digital tools, reflecting our deepest desires to see that the health sector in Nigeria and Africa begin to enjoy the realities of Digital Life.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s foremost Digital Literacy Academy for registered nurses and health care professionals.

Do you want to be part of this team? If you do, then send us a message, we want to know what ideas you have that can help us bring this vision to life.

Ayinla Daniel. RN.

Founder/CEO Care City.

Adewumi Oluwatobi. RN.

Chief Operating Officer of Care Code.